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  • (Around Town)

    Tue 02 Dec Take it easy with reggae beats and tropical tunes on Tiki Tuesdays. With a cocktail of the week, or, the rum of the month in... More details
  • (Around Town)

    Tue 02 Dec Collect a minimum of 24 bottle caps, and out-drink and out-collect fellow bargoers on a Tuesday night to win a carton of San... More details
  • (Around Town)

    25 Nov-04 Dec Japan’s top online retailer, Rakuten, brings its popular Japan-based Umaimono Taikai food festival to Singapore for the... More details

Area guides

Pasir Panjang walk

Explore Har Par Villa, HortPark and more

Pasir Ris walk

Go horse riding and reconnect with nature

Kampong Bahru walk

Explore hipster-friendly neighborhoods

Meet our people

Public Eye

More than 15 smartly dressed guys and gals we saw on the street

What's it like to be...

Do you know what it's like to be a sex therapist? A chocolatier?

Disappearing icons

They were a mainstay of Singapore culture, where are they now?

15 minutes from...

Mountbatten MRT

Enters world of scrumptious, sporty offerings

Hougang MRT

Punggol Park, a 106-year-old church, and a baking supply store

Bukit Panjang LRT

Art in the train station, spicy food and 'mama' shops.

For visitors

Sands SkyPark

Climb up Marina Bay Sands' 57th-storey wonder

Pinnacle@Duxton Skybridge

Check out the view from the 50th storey, for $5

Where to get wired in Singapore

The island's top hotspots to connect to cyberspace

Zoos & gardens

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