Guide to dog parks in Singapore

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No yard? No problem. On this concrete-jungle island, there are a good half-dozen places where man’s best friends can run leash-free to their furry tails’ content, says Marguerita Tan

First published on 19 Nov 2007. Updated on 29 Nov 2011.

Bishan Park Dog Run

Located in one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Singapore, this fenced dog run is very popular due to its central location and the fact that it’s just a stone’s throw from a car park. Weekends are often quite cramped, but if your dog loves sniffing other dogs and you like meeting other dog owners, this is the place to be. Some deem it too small and running space has just gotten smaller, with a new fenced-up area designated just for big dogs after small-breed owners complained that their babies were being bullied by the biggies. Even so, if you have a small dog, keep a sharp eye on it, as even slightly larger ‘small’ dogs can be aggressive or extremely protective of their temporary turf. Now under National Parks Board (NParks), the dog run was once managed by the Singapore Kennel Club (6469 4821,, which used to conduct temperament tests before dogs were allowed to enter the field. Bishan Park 2, along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. Daily 24 hours; park is lit from 7pm-7am.

West Coast Park Dog Run

Located on the eastern end of West Coast Park, this dog run is, obviously, popular with owners in the west. After an incident where a puppy was killed by another canine, breeds such as the akita, bulldog, bull terrier, doberman, German shepherd, pit bull and tosa must be muzzled at all times before entering the enclosure. Regulars love the place, as it is well signposted, has table benches and agility obstacles. Word is that it’s not as crowded as before, as many dog owners avoided it after a SARS scare in 2002 at the nearby Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. The real reason could be that there was ‘a serious flea and tick problem’ at one time, according to Chan Mui Kuen, who brings her two miniature schnauzers here once a month ‘as it’s near my Queenstown home, and both my dogs and I have made friends with many regulars here’.
Parallel to West Coast Highway. Daily 24 hours; park is lit from 7pm-7am.

Katong Park Dog Run

Well shaded by tall trees, this pleasant dog run is small, fenced and has agility facilities. Known primarily to dog owners living around the Katong area, it used to be managed by the German Shepherd Dog Club of Singapore (9137 6525,, which conducted temperament tests costing $10 each on all dogs before they were allowed in. After NParks took over, it is now a free for all. Junction of Fort Road and Meyer Road. Daily 24 hours; park is lit from 7am-10pm.

Jurong Lake Park Pet Park

This relatively new but hardly known dog run is located within Jurong Lake Park (next to the now-defunct Tang Dynasty City). According to dog owners on an online forum, the pet park is some distance from the car park, and not easy to find as signposting is inadequate and not lit at night. And oh, some even complained of being bitten by ants, too. You’ve been warned. Yuan Ching Road. Daily 24 hours. 

Pet Movers’ Dog Run

This privately run (but free-to-use) dog run has pesticide-treated grass, a dog-wading pool (the first to be introduced in Singapore), a bathing place for dogs with free shampoo provided, and a café with beach tables for families to watch their pets and children play at the pool. The run has another fenced-up area within for small-breed dogs, although owners of category-B breeds (among them bull mastiffs and terriers, German shepherds and rottweilers) still need to use a muzzle if they are to enter the run. This place is very popular, as dog owners can also shop at the Pets Megamart, which carries thousands of pet items. ‘Pets are allowed to shop here on their own, as long as they are carrying their owner’s wallets,’ quips Pet Movers’ managing director Lee Seng Chin. 4 Pasir Ris Farmway II (6581 3688, Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat & Sun 9.30am-8pm.

The Animal Resort Off Leash Park

At this two-hectare resort, you’ll find a pet hotel, a shop, a grooming school and a free-to-use dog run (aka ‘Off Leash Park’) that covers an area of about half a football field. Open to both members and non-members, it has garden tables and agility facilities. Bringing your dog here will be like a trip to the zoo, as there are many farm animals roaming around (there’s a farm nearby but separate from the dog run), from geese and ducks to a horse and a goat. Temperament tests are not conducted here. ‘We’d like the dogs to run as freely as possible, but if someone has a rottweiler, it must be muzzled, unless it’s the only dog in the park. The ground rule, though, is that all owners must stay close to their dogs,’ says Linus Lim, The Animal Resort’s assistant director, who adds that special weekend activities are often organised by dog owner forum groups, who are the park’s regulars. 81 Seletar West Farmway 5 (6338 7665, Daily 9.30am-6pm.

This story first appeared as 'Run, Spot, run!' (Nov 2007).

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By Marguerita Tan
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