Singapore’s top 5 boutique coffee machines

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Long gone are the days where our daily caffeine fix came from a jar of unappealing dark-brown powder. Today’s java juice can now be made away from pricey coffee shops at a fraction of the cost. We’ve collected five different machines that suit different people seeking from a liquid source

First published on 27 May 2011. Updated on 27 May 2011.

For the shophouse office worker: Giotto Rocket

You’ve watched enough YouTube videos to feel like you can draw a flower in your cappuccino. Time to get a mini barista station like the magnificent Rocket, an impressive machine with a durable, classic design. After 10 to 15 minutes of warming up, it pulls consistent shots to make any espresso-based drink of your choice. All types of ground coffee beans can be used, but espresso blends or single origins work best. With features like a boiler capacity of 1.8 litres, superior thermal retention, a dual pre-infusion system, and a full commercial rotary type pump, this hardy machine provides all you need for a properly tasty cup.

Where: Papa Palheta, 140 Bukit Timah Rd (9799 0420,
Costs: $3,000
Model: Giotto Rocket Evoluzione

For the hipster: Hario Bonmac Siphon Coffee Brewer

If you’re itching to brew your own cup without resorting to a tried-and-tested coffee machine, this quirky-looking appliance, which resembles a science experiment more than a coffee maker, will make a great addition to your edgy, urban hideout. Brought to you by the Japanese experts at Hario, it adopts a vacuum-pot brewing method whereby steam rises up through the coffee beans at the optimum temperature. All you have to do is add in your preferred type of ground beans and water, and you will be whipping up espressos and lattes in no time.

Where: Jones the Grocer, #04-21/23 Mandarin Gallery, 333a Orchard Rd (6836 6372,
Costs: $129.90
Model: TCA-3GD-BM

For the freelancer: Bodum French Press Gold-Plated Chambord Coffee Maker

Let’s face it, that novel you’re ‘working on’ isn’t paying for any cups of caffè grande just yet. Don’t fret though, you can feel cultured by using something with ‘French’ in the title: enter this sophisticated, glossy beauty. It’s one of the simplest ways of making ground coffee; all you need is coarsely ground coffee, hot water, four minutes of infusion and a gentle press on the plunger. Easy to use and spill-proof, you can savour a flavourful cup for a quick pick-me-up before you get back to work.

Where: B1 Takashimaya, 391 Orchard Rd (6738 1111,
Costs: $188
Model: Chambord 8-cup Coffee Maker 11172-17

For the home entertainer: Nespresso DeLonghi Pixie

This sleek new machine is manna for those who desperately need an espresso shot, but don’t want the mess of coffee grinds. Thin aluminium coffee capsules ($0.91-$1.07) of various premium grinds dropped into a slot make for an effortless espresso or long black, fine tuned to your preferred intensity. With a wait of only 20 seconds, this stunning coffee maker ensures a quality brew for your dinner parties without the hassle.

Where: Nespresso Boutique, #01-14 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn (
Costs: $398
Model: C60

For the adventurous type: Mypressi Twist

A handy, portable coffee maker that’s easy to use and maintain? Yes please! With this convenient, elegant-looking device you can take your coffee anywhere – just as long as you have a kettle nearby. Using recyclable and affordable pressure cartridges that can crank out eight single shots or four double ones, this handheld espresso maker is pretty much the coolest invention for coffee addicts. Simply add ground coffee, pour in hot water and flick the switch, then sit back and enjoy a smooth, rich cup of your favourite brew.

Where: Papa Palheta, 140 Bukit Timah Rd (9799 0420,
Costs: $318
Model: Mypressi Twist V2

By Gerard Ward and Benita Lee
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