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Fit for a break: five sports-inspired holidays

Sunbathing on beaches? So last year. Ring in the new and get active with Jacqueline Smith as she races round the region to scope out options for...

Tasmania: Australia's fan-tassie island

The butt of many an Aussie joke, Tasmania’s old-world quirks and spectacular scenery are being joined by attractions of a more modern variety....


The Kyoto photo call

Spend colourful days and nights in this ancient, attraction-packed Japanese city, writes Nicholas Coldicott, then hop over to the country’s...

Shanghai surprise

Everyone’s talking about China’s newfound status as a thrusting superpower. Chris Moss finds vestiges of a gentler, more romantic era in its...


Going troppo with crocodiles in Darwin

Born and bred in Darwin, Australia’s ‘troppo’ town, émigrée Simone Baird heads back to find out why the rest of the country thinks it’s...

Volunteer work at a Nepalese homestay

Can voluntourism ever be more than a guilt trip? Yes, says Kathryn Miller, after building a well during a homestay in Nepal

Jakarta's trendiest nightspots

So you want to party in… Jakarta? Rusmailia Lenggogeni insists that despite the Big Durian’s horrendous gridlock, it’s worth it for the...


Exotic, crazy and therapeutic world spas

Argentina Spa Cavas Wine Lodge Oenophiles looking for a hands-on experience in Argentina’s wine country should consider the Wine Body Glow, a...

The truth behind signs and sights from around the world

What’s the word on the street? Joe Tuck unveils the truths behind well-known sayings, signs and sights from around the world.


Five must-visit cities in 2011

Wrestle oiled-up men, puff on a Cuban cigar or mingle with robots: Joe Tuck picks five cities that will step into the 2011 global spotlight

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