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Your search for science-fiction movies has returned 18 results

Ender's Game

Critics' Choice

You’re probably thinking, not another teen dystopia novel-turned-film. And just before the second Hunger Games hits theatres, too. After...


Critics' Choice

The kids at 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros have finally settled their differences; most of us however, are still fighting over who gets to be...

After Earth


  How the mighty have fallen. We’re not just speaking of warrior-class father-son team Cypher and Kitai Raige (Will and Jaden Smith),...



  We’re now deep into our summer of discontent, in which worst-case scenarios – scorched Earths, global zombie epidemics, biblical...

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel strikes again, with their youngest characters leaping from the pages of a comic book to the silver screen in this highly anticipated new...

Iron Sky


It should be a crime to waste a great idea. The concept behind this low-budget exploitation actioner – in 1945, a band of Nazi officers fled...

It's Complicated

Hollywood’s go-to girl for mushy pseudo neo-feminist dissections of the female psyche, writer-director Nancy Meyers ( What Women Want, The...



Of all the wonders in Rian Johnson’s nimble sci-fi noir Looper – hover bikes and telekinesis among them – none is quite as impressive as...



Somewhere in the distant future, Earth has been ravaged beyond recognition. Miles of barren land, ‘radiation zones’ and deserts are the result...

Pacific Rim


  To be fair, Pacific Rim never promised to be anything more than a monumental robot-monster smackdown. Throughout the promotional...

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