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Your search for drama movies has returned 10 results

A Royal Affair


It was produced by Lars von Trier’s film company and its writer/director team adapted the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo . But don’t go...

American Dreams in China


Set in modern China, American Dreams in China detours slightly from the romantic films Peter Chan is used to making. Instead of the...

August: Osage County


It’s dark days for the Weston family. As if the mouth-cancer diagnosis afflicting tetchy matriarch Violet (Meryl Streep) wasn’t enough, her...

Celeste and Jesse Forever


Sometimes your best friend just isn’t your soul mate. Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) discovered that the hard way when their...

Dark Shadows


Delve into the costume closet of Johnny Depp (probably a wild place to be) and you’ll find a cape and fangs hanging on the back wall: Barnabas...



John Hillcoat's new crime drama was originally called The Wettest County in the World but now goes by Lawless – a more generic moniker,...

Life of Pi


Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee is sometimes derided as a middlebrow filmmaker, but it takes courage to tackle a property as widely beloved...

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One


So, the time has come: vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) can finally take the virtue of human bride Bella (Kristen Stewart). And yes, the first...

The Vow


The lady doth forget too much, methinks. Not that Chicago artist Paige (McAdams) can help her memory loss: after a snowy night out with hubby Leo...

Trouble with the Curve


Viewers scratching their heads over Clint Eastwood’s RNC ad-lib will be relieved to learn the erstwhile Man with No Name still has star...

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