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True Grit

Critics' Choice

Watch the 1969 adaptation of Charles Portis’s novel and you’ll see a puny coup of counterprogramming slipped in among the ’60s...



Hollywood’s powers that be seem determined to keep Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama bin Laden manhunt thriller under wraps until after the election....

Dallas Buyers Club


It’s getting difficult (enjoyably so) to keep track of the many shades of guff Matthew McConaughey seems hell-bent on exploring these days....



Siri, you’ve got company: Meet Samantha—the ultimate in chatty, user-friendly operating systems. The gentleman who’s installed her on his...

House of Pleasures


When it premiered to inexplicable pans at Cannes, classical musician–turned-director Bertrand Bonello’s seductive period piece had the...

Sleeping Beauty


She was a satirical object of fetishization in the most recent Zack Snyder film; now, the very beautiful and brave young actor Emily Browning...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Trespassing on 007’s territory, the opening-credits sequence to David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sees wires swirling,...

The King's Speech


As attention-grabbing plotlines go, it’s hardly a world-beater: buttoned-down British royal suffers speech impediment and hires unconventional...

The Wolf of Wall Street


The director. The subject matter. The epic running time. All the signs pointed to real-life stock-market story The Wolf of Wall Street being...

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