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A Single Man

Critics' Choice

Christopher Isherwood’s seminal queer novel deserves a film adaptation that captures both its sense of place and its activist spirit....

Crazy Heart

Critics' Choice

Jeff Bridges, for all his glorious achievements, still hasn’t been celebrated enough. A technical actor (remember Starman ?) who manages to...

The Fighter

Critics' Choice

What do we talk about when we talk about Oscar bait? We may fixate on accuracy in based-on-a-true-story showcases, be wowed over the physical...

The First Grader

Critics' Choice

In 2003, when the Kenyan government offered free education to all citizens, an 84-year-old villager showed up at the gates of his local primary...

The Social Network

Critics' Choice

Facebook isn’t such a great subject for the movies—too much typing. And heroic computer hackers have never, ever inspired cinematic thrills....


Dark Shadows


Delve into the costume closet of Johnny Depp (probably a wild place to be) and you’ll find a cape and fangs hanging on the back wall: Barnabas...



Siri, you’ve got company: Meet Samantha—the ultimate in chatty, user-friendly operating systems. The gentleman who’s installed her on his...

Mao's Last Dancer

Like Nureyev and Baryshnikov, Li Cunxin was a ballet dancer too talented to be hidden from the eyes of the West, and too canny not to defect at...


Remember Me

There’s tons of brooding for your buck in the hilariously earnest Remember Me , which will hopefully be revived several years from now as a...


Swimming Pool

Bored by her successful series of crime mysteries, uptight British novelist Rampling agrees to take a break in her publisher’s...

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