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Your search for critics' choice action movies has returned 13 results

Attack the Block

Critics' Choice

What a relief: only a short time after the release of John Carpenter’s woeful The Ward , here comes a movie that salutes that director’s...

Iron Man 2

Critics' Choice

The X-Men , Spider-Man and Batman movies have proven that the second instalment is where a comic-book blockbuster series finds its feet: with...

Marvel's The Avengers

Critics' Choice

Not content with co-writing and producing the best film of the year so far, the berserk horror romp The Cabin in the Woods , Joss Whedon’s now...


Critics' Choice

It would be sad if the story of how British filmmaker Gareth Edwards created his captivating, micro-budget sci-fi film was to obscure its far...



Critics' Choice

A word of advice to all you young math whizzes out there: Best keep your aptitude for long division to yourself. Otherwise, you might end up like...


Critics' Choice

‘Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don’t really go in for that anymore.’ That’s Ben Whishaw’s Q to Daniel Craig’s James Bond in...

The Ghost Writer

Critics' Choice

We’re so used to amped-up white-knucklers that the controlled approach of a filmmaker like Roman Polanski is immediately seductive. The...


The Green Hornet

Critics' Choice

Christoph Waltz walks into a room. But now he’s Russian crime lord Chudnofsky, having traded Colonel Hans Landa’s mine’s-bigger-than-yours...

The International

Critics' Choice

Money men are the new villains in this timely thriller, which sets the rumpled integrity of Interpol agent Clive Owen and the pinched...


The Karate Kid

Critics' Choice

In the first Karate Kid (a movie that should now be considered a classic), teenage Daniel and his Jersey mom settle in Reseda, a modest...


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