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Death Race

Statham ( Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ) stars in the remake of Roger Corman’s cult classic Death Race 2000 . The original starred...


Dragon Hunters (Chasseurs de Dragons)

The universe is filled with ruthless rogues, surly peasants and petty lords. Their main concern is not to get eaten by mutant dragon-like...



Critics' Choice

Based on his own Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Shanley directs Academy Award winners Hoffman as charismatic priest Father Flynn, and Streep as the...


Detroit Metal City

Critics' Choice

In this film adaptation of the hit Japanese comic book by Kiminori Wakasugi, Soichi Negishi (Matsuyama) travels to Tokyo in hopes of launching a...

Dragonball Evolution

From the same guy who brought you an overdose of Jet Li in The One and the nauseatingly bad third serving of Final Destination comes the...


Dance, Subaru!

Critics' Choice

See our review of Dance, Subaru!


Drag Me to Hell

  An ambitious loans officer divests an elderly lady of her property and ends up cursed by the now homeless old sorceress. A seer is...



Clive Owen and Julia Roberts unite for the first time since Closer in this spy caper from Tony Gilroy, the director of Michael Clayton. The pair...


Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean

At first glance, dolphins and whales seem like an unlikely choice for the 3D treatment, since the ocean doesn’t offer a lot of the necessary...


Deux Jours à Paris (Two Days in Paris)

French photographer Marion and her American boyfriend Jack decide to spend two days in Paris, following their failed holiday in Venice. But as...

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