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Your search for drama movies has returned 11 results

Dream House

Ready to write that novel he’s always had on the back burner, a book editor (Craig) moves to the country with his wife (Weisz) and young...


Critics' Choice

Based on his own Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Shanley directs Academy Award winners Hoffman as charismatic priest Father Flynn, and Streep as the...


Dolphin Tale

A kids’ movie without condescension, Dolphin Tale never loses track of its most valuable asset: the squeaky marine mammal that inspired its...



  The Internet, as we know, has the potential to bridge the communications gap between cultures and continents. Yet it’s not all...

Diary of a Sex Addict

As the title suggests, this film charts the sex life of a beautiful and liberated 28-year-old French woman.




A little distance is going to be required here – and not just to accommodate Naomi Watts’s prosthetically widened nose. There’s also the...



Apparently engaged in a heroic quest to fulfill France’s export quota for genial, nondescript romances all by her lonesome, Audrey Tautou plays...

De Batter Mon Coeur S'Est Arrêté (The Beat That My Heart Skipped)

Thomas Seyr’s concert-pianist mother has passed away and his father is a wheeler and dealer. After a run-in with an old acquaintance of his...

Dark Shadows


Delve into the costume closet of Johnny Depp (probably a wild place to be) and you’ll find a cape and fangs hanging on the back wall: Barnabas...

Dance, Subaru!

Critics' Choice

See our review of Dance, Subaru!


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