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Your search for comedy movies has returned 7 results

If I Were Superman

Leave it to the Koreans to turn a chiselled superhero like Superman into a boy who claims he’s unable to tap into his supernatural powers...

I Love You Man

Years after his breakout performance in Clueless playing a down-toearth sweet guy back in 1995, Paul Rudd (Knocked Up, The Object of My Affection)...


Imagine That

Olivia is a girl who has a harried financial executive, named Evan (Murphy), as a father. It takes her imaginary friends giving Evan tips on how...


I Love You, Phillip Morris

Policeman, husband, father, closeted gay man, out gay man, fraudster, prison escapee, fake lawyer, embezzler, prison escapee (again)…...

I Don't Know How She Does It

Multitasking Boston mother Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker, still doing her insufferable sage routine from Sex and the City ) has a devoted...

Identity Thief


  He was a decent sitcom actor until Arrested Development unearthed his inner droll comedian; she was a bit player who, thanks to a...

I Give it a Year


  There’s a big quote on the poster: ‘The funniest British film in years.’ Which is not saying much. David Attenborough has...

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