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Your search for action movies has returned 9 results

Kick-Ass 2


It’s three years since Hit-Girl first kapowed on to the screen, letting rip the C-word at a room full of drug dealers before taking them out...

Killing Them Softly


From cowboys to wiseguys: New Zealand–born filmmaker Andrew Dominik sets his sights on another intrinsically American genre with Killing Them...

K-20: Legend of the Mask

In this action-adventure, hot stuff Takeshi Kaneshiro plays a masked crusader who fights the war against aristocrats, much like Alan Moore’s...



After playing a teary, rundown wrestler, this time Mickey Rourke hunts people in witness-protection programmes as a sharpshooting hitman.



In this ominous thriller, Nicolas Cage plays a father and professor whose son stumbles upon a time capsule with a cryptic message, which Cage...



Photo: Cathay-Keris Films and InnoForm Media It’s surely no coincidence that when Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), the comic-book-reading...

Knight and Day

Tom Cruise tries out his comic chops once again as the madcap undercover agent who tangles with Cameron Diaz on a globetrotting action adventure.



Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher star in this action comedy about a couple who suspect their next door neighbours may be hired assassins.


Killer Elite

With a beefcake physique that suggests oncoming bodily harm, Jason Statham would’ve made a great ’80s action hero; it’s no coincidence that...

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