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Critics' Choice

The combination of Steven Spielberg and America’s most beloved President might seem like a recipe for sentimentality. But the surprisingly...

Lock Out


What’s your dad doing this weekend? If you call him up, brace yourself for the usual small talk, and then invite him out to see this solid...

Le Week-End


After The Mother and Venus , this is the third collaboration between Notting Hill director Roger Michell and writer Hanif Kureishi. It’s...



Of all the wonders in Rian Johnson’s nimble sci-fi noir Looper – hover bikes and telekinesis among them – none is quite as impressive as...



John Hillcoat's new crime drama was originally called The Wettest County in the World but now goes by Lawless – a more generic moniker,...

Life of Pi


Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee is sometimes derided as a middlebrow filmmaker, but it takes courage to tackle a property as widely beloved...

Lords of Salem


  This may be terrifying news to Rob Zombie fans, but after years mining the 1970s for gunky shock moments, the...

Last Vegas


  Turns out that when you cross The Hangover with Grumpy Old Men, you don’t summon the apocalypse, but instead produce a relatively...

Labor Day


Here’s an idea for prison services to raise a few pennies: a rent-a-convict scheme. It works wonders for Kate Winslet in Labor Day . She plays...

Last Passenger


Hokey it may be, but this low-budget, London-set thriller about the last six passengers on a runaway commuter train stays on the rails thanks to...

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