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Your search for action movies has returned 13 results

Marvel's The Avengers

Critics' Choice

Not content with co-writing and producing the best film of the year so far, the berserk horror romp The Cabin in the Woods , Joss Whedon’s now...

Men in Black 3


Remember the Men in Black ? C’mon, sure you do. It was Barry Sonnenfeld’s late-'90s sci-fi comedy franchise that helped propel Will Smith...

Machete Kills


Even as Robert Rodriguez’s 'Mexploitation' action comedy strains to fill a typical feature’s length, it’s hard not to smile at Danny...

Man of Steel


'You’ll believe a man can fly,' ads for 1978’s still-majestic Superman promised. Oy, to have such problems: These days, I’d settle for a...

My Magic

Khoo's latest movie...



Stranded in Goa when funding for her latest flick falls through, American actress Marigold (Larter) accepts a dancing role in a Bollywood musical...


Max Payne

Critics' Choice

In this adaptation of a thirdperson shooting game, Payne (Wahlberg) is an ex-police officer bent on avenging the death of his wife and child. A...


Merantau Warrior

This action-packed foreign film plays out like an Indonesian version of acclaimed movie Ong-Bak (2003): a young man (Uwais) leaves his rural...


My Girlfriend Is an Agent

Boy dumps girl, who happens to be leading a clandestine double life (the clue’s in the title). Three years later boy meets same girl and...



The first Mulan made in 1998 was entertaining, cute and hilarious, especially with Eddie Murphy as Mushu the dragon. This version tells the same...


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