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Your search for action movies has returned 13 results



Redemption opens and closes fittingly with grainy surveillance footage shot from a helicopter in London and Afghanistan, for it is with the same...

Red 2


Frank Moses (Willis) is living the high life following his assassin-evading exploits in the first Red (2010). That means that this Retired and...



Given the movies’ love of car chases, you’d think more films would be made about the professionals who do it for a living. Scratching an...



Even with the goodwill a playful Jeff Bridges performance can supply (he riffs on his ornery True Grit character as another Wild West lawman...



There doesn’t appear to be any scientific formula involved when film studios choose which movies will churn out sequels. Some films that deserve...


Critics' Choice

Wrong-footed by the new credit crunch...


Red Cliff 2

In the second chapter of Woo’s war epic, Leung and Kaneshiro take to the seas as they do battle with evil warlord Cao Cao (Zhang).


Robin Hood

‘From the director of Gladiator! ’ screams the posters, and you’d be forgiven for expecting a medieval rerun of that...

Repo Man

So who’s playing the Emilio Estevez role? Jude Law? Forget it – this nasty non-thriller shares nothing but a similar title with Alex...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

One ape goes human in this half-smart reboot of the franchise, yet more often than not, the movie just wants them to go bananas. It’s why Rise...

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