Dempsey Hill

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First published on . Updated on 6 Oct 2010.

Dempsey Bus Park on the corner of Dempsey and Holland Rd is a meeting point for those joining the Navarathri Night Tour.

The grass is always greener on the otherside, or so they say. So enter the newly refurbished enclave of Dempsey Hill, which is giving its neighbour, Holland Village, a run for its money. Gone are the days when the former British Army barracks were only ever associated with Samy’s Curry Restaurant. Now, there are18 different lifestyle, food and beverage outlets to graze through, like Spa Esprit’s newest addition, House, and Australian gourmet store Jones the Grocer. Also, the air is fresher, the vibe more relaxed and the surroundings a fair bit greener. Guess the old saying is true, after all.

See also Dempsey Hill Green - an extension of Dempsey Hill.

Venues at Dempsey Hill:

Angel's Share - bar

Barracks - restaurant

Camp - bar

Fabbrica - restaurant

Harry's - bar

House - spa and restaurant complex containing Barracks and Camp

Jones the Grocer - grocer and restaurant

Margarita's - bar and restaurant

Prime Society - restaurant

Red Sea Gallery - gallery

Tippling Club - restaurant

Vintage India - restaurant


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Dempsey Hill details

8-11 Dempsey Road 249679

Bus Lines: 7, 77, 106, 174

Click image to see actual location
Click image to see actual location

Dempsey Hill website

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