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Celine Asril and Dannon Har sat the TOS team down to sample 20 sandwiches from around the city – these are the five that came out on top

First published on 23 Dec 2011. Updated on 13 Dec 2012.

Sugar-cured Salmon with Spinach Bread

Where: The Moomba Tuckshop
An extension of The Moomba Restaurant, light floods in to the Tuckshop through the glass walls and gives diners a view of the Singapore River. One taster summed up the sandwich as having ‘an underground New York feel’, while another likened it to a quiche despite the lack of eggs. The grilled bread had a hip but not raw green colour that won us over, even though it was slightly overtoasted. Juicy tomatoes, a sprouting of alfalfa and caramelised onions kept this sandwich most. #B1-01 Bank of China Building, 4 Battery Rd (6536 5235). $8.50.

Mama Wich

Where: Fou de fa fa
Jay Hequet, holistic nutritionist and café manager, is known for preparing some of the healthiest and most creative sandwiches in town. Translating as ‘just to be crazy’ in French, Fou de fa fa gets innovative with everything on the menu. This vegetarian panini is twice the size of a normal sandwich (approximately 40cm), not that it needs to make up for anything – the spinach, emmental, avocado, tomatoes and pine nuts make a thoroughly creamy and varied filling. The soft, slightly salty bread and even coating of herb-heavy olive oil on both undersides pack even more flavour. And, for the non-carnivores out there, we also give two thumbs up to their roasted vegetables on a panini ($6.50). #01-05, 168 Robinson Rd (6327 9418). $14.50.

Signature Saigon Baguette

Where: Baguette – The Viet-inspired Deli
Having just opened a new outlet in Tanjong Pagar last month, this Vietnamese deli continues to expand. The coat of pâté on the bottom of this pickle-cradling (carrots, daikon and cucumber) sandwich makes for a sweet, spicy and tangy bite. ‘It’s like a refreshing salad in a croissant-crusted baguette,’ said one stuffer. Which is exactly what we all felt – crunchy and filling, but not heavy. We definitely still had room for a prawn roll with fish sauce dip ($2.70). #01-14 Chevron House, 16 Collyer Quay (6535 7604). New location: #01-54/54A, 10 Anson Rd (6223 1839). $6.40

The New Yorker

Where: Smoke Shack
Inspired by New York delis, the menu is filled with Big Apple classics, and meats can be observed being carved on display. This aptly named sandwich – a tall pile of tangy and peppery meat (smoked in-house) is held together by a layer of melted gruyère and soft-centred rye bread. Sure, the crust had to be tugged at a little, but there ain’t no bigger, better bang for your carnivorous buck. Pull up a stool at one of the outdoor tables and watch the business folk wander by – the slower pace will remind you that you’re not in Manhattan. #B1-06 Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Pl (6557 2214). $10.50.

Cajun Chicken

Where: Joe & Dough
Atop the sleek black counter top sits a glass case with ready-made sandwiches. Regularly sold out by 1pm, and rightly so, the Cajun Chicken sandwich combines a well-spiced roasted chicken with crispy skin, and is tucked in rosemary ciabatta alongside sweet, sautéed capsicum. It would only be right to follow up your sandwich with a cup of joe – they proudly boast that each cup is ground on demand. #02-05 Hitachi Tower, 16 Collyer Quay (6348 2115). $7.50.

By Celine Asril and Dannon Har
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