Singapore's best sausage dishes

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Fancy some pork life? Here’s a casing point. Link up to the top ’dogs in town – from Germany and elsewhere

First published on 4 Oct 2010. Updated on 11 Aug 2011.

Al Borgo

Top dog: Salsiccia di Maiale
Contrary to its name, this salsiccia is no small sausage: the 15cm-long ‘pig’ (‘maiale’) sausage is a dense tube of coarsely ground lean meat, interspersed with substantial cubes of fat and a small handful of mixed fresh herbs. Held together by a lightly charred medium-thin casing, the made-in-house bangers are served in a pair, with sides of lightly sautéed potatoes, mixed salad dressed with balsamic vinegar, and fresh sprigs of rosemary that are a welcome grassy extension of the herbaceous, salty stuffing. #01- 02 Alocassia Apartments, 383 Bukit Timah Rd (6737 3546). Newton, then buses 66, 67, 170, 171, 960. $24.50.


Top dog: Bockwurst
You can purchase any of Brotzeit’s sausages at Swiss Butchery (30/32 Greenwood Ave; 6468 7588,, but for an authentically German meal it is well worth making the trip to this bar-restaurant. It’s hard to err with the Bockwurst: this larger, deep-orange-hued version of the frankfurter is made with finely grounded pork and beef-seasoned with cumin. The gentle smokiness and chewy texture of the Bockwurst goes extremely well with the comfortably tart, finely julienned sauerkraut with bacon bits and slightly chilled heaping of tangy potato salad. #01-27 Discovery Walk at 313@ Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd (6834 4038, Somerset. $16.50.

Buono Pizza Bar

Top dog: Pork sausages
If requested, chef Salvatore Buono’s home-made pork sausages can be served as a tapa: sliced and doused in a spicy tomato sauce simmered with fresh oregano and chilli oil ($12- $15). Made Italian-style – with red wine, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese – he uses the pig’s collar and belly cuts for stuffing so the end product is soft and juicy. Discs of these chunky, crumbly and slightly spicy medium-ground porkers can usually be found on the pizzas and pasta dishes, but if the whole link is what you seek, request the three-piece sausage platter (pork, chicken and beef, $15). Be aware, however, that the chicken and beef are outsourced. 27 Lichfield Rd (6733 5646, Take a taxi or buses 73, 136. $12-$15.

Huber’s Butchery & Bistro @ Dempsey

Top dog: Farmer Grill Sausage
This butchery and grocery store sells four types of raw sausages and a whole refrigerator wall full of pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed ones, all stuffed in-house. We took home the 16cm-long raw Swiss-German style Farmer Grill Sausage; pan-fried in neutral cooking oil, the white wine, paprika and strong fresh herbs in the pork stuffing sizzles to a heady fragrance. The thin, almost non-existent casing adds texture without being overly chewy, while the 20 per cent of fat that makes up the coarsely ground filling is evenly dispersed so the sausage remains soft and moist. It’s a good thing its natural flavours are not smothered with salt. 18A Dempsey Rd (6737 1588, Take a taxi. $23 per kg.

Trattoria Milano

Top dog: Home-made Italian pork sausages in white bean sauce
Former Al Borgo chef Domenico Truglia’s home-made sausages are made from a Southern Italian recipe (Calabrian, to be precise). Traditionally short and stumpy, this family-run trattoria’s version is bigger, and stuffed with more than just fennel – it also has fennel seeds and red capsicum. We like these stewed in the made-from-scratch tomato-based white-bean sauce, a standard feature on chef Truglia’s daily specials board; two sausages are browned but finished off in a casserole. The gentle acidity and thyme-and-rosemary notes of the sauce complement the neither coarse nor evenly-ground stuffing, while the fat in these home-made sausages is so evenly distributed it is almost invisible – a factor, we’re sure, that results in flavourful and moist bites. 3 Chu Lin Rd (6760 3534). Take a taxi. $30.

By Celine Asril
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