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Lies to tell tourists: Code word 'lobang'

Around Town

If you use the code word ‘lobang’ at Sim Lim Square, shop owners show you a cache of exclusive electronics hidden in a secret back room. While...

Lies to tell tourists: $500 fine for saving seats

Around Town

Saving seats with tissue packets at hawker centres is now illegal. Special undercover officers have been assigned to hang around at popular eating...

Lies to tell tourists: It's illegal to eat while walking

Around Town

In Singapore, it is both socially unacceptable and illegal to eat while walking. Not only will you attract the attention of the fat police, but you...

Lies to tell tourists: Smokers and trash bins

Around Town

If you stub out a cigarette on a public bin that doesn’t have a built-in ashtray, you will be forced to do community service in a giant...

Lies to tell tourists: big fat bird

Around Town

Affectionately known by some as the ‘Big Fat Bird’, artist Fernando Botero’s chubby Bird (1990) at Boat Quay is one special...

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