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Disappearing Icons: Parrot tarot card readers

Around Town

In the Western world, fortune-telling conjures up images of crystal balls, mystical gypsy women and oversized hoop earrings. The East does it...

Disappearing icons: Streetside calligrapher

Around Town

Jessie Ren and her tiny calligraphy stall wouldn’t be out of place in a mid-1900s Singapore street scene. For a small fee, she’ll deftly paint...

Disappearing icons: Antiques store owner

Around Town

Right in the heart of Singapore’s business district, a modest old warehouse stows hundreds of local artefacts dating as far back as 150 years...

Disappearing icons: Malt candy lady

Around Town

Those who grew up here in the ’50s will remember the classic lollipop-style sweets made from caramelised malt sold by street-side hawkers. Known...

Disappearing icons: Puppeteer

Time In

Tan Poh Hong memorises entire scripts and sings in dialect as she handles wooden dolls half her size. It’s no easy task – each of the puppets...

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